Celebrating Lunar New Year with Johnnie Walker and Angel Chen

Lunar New Year is a significant festival in the Chinese cultural calendar, celebrated by meeting family and friends - no matter how busy work and personal lives may be.

This year, Johnnie Walker has partnered with Chinese designer Angel Chen to bring a design to celebrate the Lunar New Year. Chen's colourful approach to fashion and her fusing of Western and Eastern aesthetics has made her one of the country's brightest young stars.

Discover this vibrant limited-edition design that make the perfect collectors item or memorable gift for a loved one or business partner.

Johnnie Walker Blue Label - Lunar New Year Edition - Year of the Rabbit

In Chinese culture, the rabbit is known to be the luckiest out of all the twelve animals - symbolising mercy, elegance, and beauty. Rabbits, especially ones with white hair, are also a symbol of longevity in traditional Chinese culture.​

​This limited-edition design by Angel Chen also features clouds, symbolising greater heights as the rabbit ascends to the heavens, and mountains, another symbol of longevity. This is the perfect gift for a loved one to signify wishes of a shared, long and well-lived life.

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To mark this year, we have collaborated with Angel Chen. The ANGEL CHEN brand is part of a wave of new young Chinese brands making an impact globally.

Her work is often inspired by different generations, different genders and cultures coming together to create something fresh and new. These ideals echo the craft of Johnnie Walker Master Blender Emma Walker - taking different types of whisky from different distilleries, with differing ages of maturation and blending them together perfectly to create a masterpiece.

“There’s a defiant energy to my illustrations which bring to life the vibrant spirit of the rabbit as it leaps across the design, symbolising how we need to keep moving forward, spreading goodness throughout the year to come.”

Angel Chen


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