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Glenlossie 10 Years Old Flora & Fauna
 43%   |    70cl

Sweet, lightly fruity, well balanced, with just a whiff of smoke.
Sweet, lightly fruity, well balanced, with just a whiff of smoke.

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"Powdery and light, with salt and pepper on the nose, big, earthy and spicy palate; savouty and full, with a long and mouth-coating finish."

Dominic Roskrow, Malt Whisky Yearbook 2015, p.128

The perfect

Glenlossie works best served in a traditional whisky glass, neat or with a little water.


As a light whisky with just a whiff of smoke, Glenlossie works well with the gentle cocoa bitter-ness of a chocolate truffle.

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The light, cleansing style of Glenlossie lends itself admirably to creme brulee, that master of after dinner melt-in-the-mouthness.

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-16 + 20 /40 10

Glenlossie 10 Years Old Flora & Fauna
Taste the character and craft in every drop.

Smoky Rich Delicate Light


A fine example of a 'Top Class' Speyside.


Deep gold, vintage Sauternes.


Vinous, like a well-used cocktail cabinet. Fresh plums and kiwi-fruit and promise of pear-drops.




Sweet; a good balance of primary tastes, with some pleasant acidity. If more water is added, there is a very slight hint of smoke.


Dryish, with some light chocolate notes and a light, malty aftertaste.


Make: GlenlossieTM

Age: 10 years old

Strength: 43% ABV

Place of Origin: Glenlossie

Region: Speyside


in brief… Sweet, lightly fruity, well balanced, with just a whiff of smoke.

in a sentence… A fine example of a 'Top Class' Speyside but beware - its delicate characteristics are easily swamped.


The first impression is vinous, like a well-used cocktail cabinet. Through this comes a light sponge-like aroma, followed by fruity notes (fresh plums, kiwi-fruit). Then the nose closes somewhat, with a promise of peardrops. With water, the reduced nose is estery, solvent-like and fruity - a fruit salad including oranges, apples, plums and pears. There is a hint of coconut milk and a fugitive scent of sweet tobacco. If more water is added, the nose becomes mossier, with a whiff of matchboxes (the sandpaper striker on a matchbox, to be precise). The last might indicate a thread of smoke.

Expert Reviews
Insights from some of the best in the business

"Cereal, silage and vanilla notes on the relatively light nose, with a voluptuous, sweet palate, offering plums, ginger and baley sugar, plus a hint of oak. The finish is medium in length, with grist and slightly peppery oak."

Gavin D Smith, Malt Whisky Yearbook 2015, p.128

"First-class Speyside malt with excellent weight and good distance on the palate. Easily one of the best Flora and Fauna bottlings of them all."

Jim Murray 2006 Whisky Bible, p.107

"With some Water I find more Malt, Fruit as well as some Coconut Juice on the Nose. But as the ABV of 43% is Spot-On, Palate and Finish do not require the added Water."