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Cardhu Amber Rock
 40%    |    70cl

A compelling and flavourful Cardhu that starts citrus-fresh then smoothly reveals deeper notes of vanilla and creamy chocolate, rounded off by a spicy, sweet finish.
A compelling and flavourful Cardhu that starts citrus-fresh then smoothly reveals deeper notes of vanilla and creamy chocolate, rounded off by a spicy, sweet finish.

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"A solid, easy-drinking malt that would find itself welcome in both cold and warm months. Nice structure with lots going on on the nose and a good amount of layers on the palate.

Alwynne Gwilt, May 2014,

The perfect

Serve in a large balloon glass neat or with a little water. Amber Rock also offers up some new, fruity flavours when served with ice.


Cardhu’s subtle smokiness and intensely fruity quality pairs well with the delicate texture of parma ham, and the indulgent honey-sweet flavour of fresh figs.

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The Hot Toddy has a long history of warming cockles. And the generous nature of Cardhu is the ideal choice, offering sweet apple and heather notes along with a warming, dryish finish.

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Cardhu Amber Rock On The Flavour Map
Taste the character and craft in every drop.

Smoky Rich Delicate Light


Notes of honey and spice reveal a balanced, well-paced Speyside.


Vivid, clear amber.


Sweet, full and vibrant, with fresh pear and lychee notes dancing above buttery pastry.


Medium bodied, coating, almost fizzing with life.


Sweet and spicy from the start, finished with a splash of cream from fresh-toasted oak.


Quite long, spicy-sweet, creamy and comforting.


Distillery: CardhuTM

Strength: 40% ABV

Place of Origin: Cardow

Region: Speyside


in brief… A compelling, joyous and flavourful Cardhu that starts citrus-fresh then smoothly reveals deeper notes of spice, stewed fruit and creamy chocolate, rounded off by a spicysweet finish.

in a sentence… Great at natural strength with a little water on the side, when the classic Cardhu notes of citrus and honey are deepened by fruit, spice and sweetness: superbly balanced and well paced, with consistent intensity and texture and a tasteful mingling of silky tannins and clean, fresh vanilla flavours and aromas.


Sweet, full and vibrant, with fresh pear and lychee notes dancing above buttery pastry. Through this rise balancing citrus notes of sweet tangerine, lemon balm or a lively old-fashioned lemonade. These soften in turn into a rich syrupy-smooth maltiness with sweet toffee, honey and barley sugar. There are notes of fragrant vanilla and toasted marshmallow here too, as the palate rounds further to apples and pears in syrup, spiced with clove, then to deeper creamy white chocolate and almonds.


Sweet and spicy from the start, like a fresh fruit salad with pears and sweet apples in lemon juice finished with a splash of cream from fresh-toasted oak. Then drier, with a balancing tangerine sharpness, before soft, smooth fruit syrup emerges on the subtle mid-palate, beneath which an underlying grassiness and toasty oak intensity is never far away, until smooth marshmallows and creamy milk chocolate come finally to the fore.


Quite long, spicy-sweet, creamy and comforting; a fizzing bitter cherry-bomb with smooth, drying cocoa, dark chocolate, toasty oak, and finally a lingering note of citrus.

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Silver (Outstanding)


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Expert Reviews
Insights from some of the best in the business

"Bright gold. Very citric, sweet candied orange and tangerine marmalade, with a hint of pink grapefruit. As I said, citric. There’s meadow hay and some sherbet as well. Water brings out lucerne grass. The palate is equally delicate and ‘up,’ and quite acidic (no bad thing) with light, nutty chocolate and macadamia nut. When diluted, there’s poached pear and charred oak. The finish is effervescent. Light, easy-going, keenly priced. The rehabilitation of Cardhu continues."

Dave Broom, 2014, Whisky Advocate Summer 2014, p.120

"We like the freshness and vibrancy of this new Amber Rock. Part of this is because it simply tastes and smells very good. Part is because it offers something different from the other expressions of Cardhu in the core range, which are on the richer and sweeter side. It is very easy drinking and would be great for a beginner."

Whisky For Everyone 2014,