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Take a seat, pour yourself a dram, and select one of our immersive videos to transport you to one of Lagavulin’s remarkable locations

Take a seat, pour yourself a dram, and select one of our immersive videos to transport you to one of Lagavulin’s remarkable locations.

The Lagavulin Experience

Take a journey to the home of Lagavulin. To the windswept shores of Islay and the Lagavulin distillery. Through these iconic locations you can explore the depth of flavours that live within our great whiskies.
We will use the atmosphere of each setting to bring out a different characteristic of the whisky. Before each scene there will be a short explanation of the setting, and the flavours we would like you to focus on.
Before you begin, please pour yourself a dram of your chosen variant. Follow the instructions on screen and take the time to enjoy a journey through the character and home of Lagavulin.

360 Videos
A virtual reality guided tasting

Get involved with the Lagavulin Experience

You can open up each experience through the YouTube app. If you have a google cardboard, simply put your phone in and and select the cardboard option. You can then begin your 360° experience.


Open up each experience through the website. Unfortunately, the YouTube app isn’t set up for google cardboard just yet.
YouTube 360 videos can only be accessed through Chrome. On Safari, it’ll only show you a flat video. If you prefer, you can use Vrideo by using the link below. - Simply download the video by selecting ‘download’ beneath the screen.


You can use the App, Homido. Simply go to the Apps menu in iTunes, and then drag and drop the videos into Homido. The videos will then be in your video menu at all times.

200 Years of Lagavulin
Become involved in our history.


The sounds of Lagavulin

Transport yourself to the Lagavulin distillery.

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The bicentenary celebrations

A special cask, events, tastings, and stories.

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The legend behind the brand

It’s more than an exceptional whisky.

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