The History Of The Singleton Of Glendullan


Glendullan is founded by William Williams & Sons Ltd., blenders from Aberdeen, and is the last of seven distilleries to be built in Dufftown. It shares a private railway siding with nearby Mortlach.


The first consignment of barley arrives and distilling begins.


William Williams & Sons Ltd. merges with two Alexander & MacDonald Ltd. and Greenlees Brothers Ltd. to become Macdonald, Greenlees & Williams (Distillers) Ltd.


While they’re still deciding the final name of the company, it’s taken over by The Distillers Company Ltd.


Scottish Malt Distillers Ltd take over the distillery.


Like so many others, the distillery is closed during the war due to shortages.


Glendullan reopens, with most mechanical operations powered by water wheel.


New plant is installed in the mash house, tun room and stillhouse. The two stills, previously heated by coal furnace, are converted to internal steam heating.


The size of the site and the plentiful water from the Fiddich mean that, with rising demand at home and abroad, the construction of an additional distillery, this time with six stills, is possible. Built on the field between the old distillery and staff housing, the distance between the two has been described as “A short one when the weather’s good, and a long one when it isn’t.”


The Old Glendullan buildings on the distillery site are decommissioned, though they remain in use as a workshop.