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A lexicon of terms from the world of whisky

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Distillation is the process of separating alcohol from other liquid with the application of heat. This is possible because alcohol (ethanol) has with 78°C a lower boiling point than water. Scotch whisky is normally distilled at least twice but there are exceptions. The most complicated process can be found at Mortlach distillery with a 2.81 distillation process. The first distillation in the wash still separates the alcohol from the fermented liquid and eliminates the residue of yeast and other matter. The distillate is then passed into another still (spirit still) where it is distilled a second time.
This is the process of taking mature spirit and putting it back into a different cask type to further develop a flavour profile. All Distillers Editions have been double matured.
What is left in the mash tun after all sugar has beed extracted. It’s used as nutritious food for livestock, and is being trialled as a fuel source in boilers to help to decrease the amount of heavy oil used.
A dram is the traditional Scotch Whisky measure, often affectionately referred to as a “wee” dram. There is no clear definition how big a dram is.
The Malting is carried out in large drums that turn the barley mechanically. This allows much more control about the whole process and each batch can be treated individually and adjustments can be made quickly. Important factors like temperature and airflow can be controlled much better which allows the maltster to produce constantly high quality malt. Some of the biggest drums in Europe can be found at Port Ellen Maltings and drums are also used at Glen Ord.
A traditional type of warehouse made of stone or brick that finds the casks stacked on top of each other no more than three high in a warehouse that is usually earth floored with good air circulation and higher humidity levels. Running costs are much higher and casks must be hand moved.

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