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"...perfect balance and profile at 43%, excellent cask selection I think."

Serge Valentin 2008,

The perfect

Blair Athol works best served in a traditional whisky glass, neat or with a little water.

WHISKY & ...

The creamy subtlety of a vanilla cheesecake provides the perfect base line to the melody of Blair Athol’s flavours.

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WHISKY & ...

With notes of sherry, shortbread and ginger, it’s almost as though Blair Athol was made to be drunk with creme brulee.

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12 + 20 /40 80

Blair Athol 12 Years Old On The Flavour Map
Taste the character and craft in every drop.

Smoky Rich Delicate Light


A little-known Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky.


Polished mahogany.


Muscat grapes and Madeira wine, brimstone in the background, even tar. Dried apricots in the foreground, and treacle toffee.


Medium to full bodied, but not cloying.


Rich and mouth-filling, with a good balance.


A curious sweetness is introduced at the end, after the acidity and dryish finish has passed.


Distillery: Blair AtholTM Age: 12 years old Strength: 43% Place of Origin: Blair Athol Region: Central Highland


in brief… Interesting and unusual sweet aftertaste. in a sentence… A rich, sweet malt best drunk with only a drop of water, when it holds its sweetness better.


Muscat grapes and madeirised wine; a hint of over- the-top Sauternes. More than a whiff of brimstone in the background, even tar. Dried apricots in the foreground, and treacle toffee. Becomes more toffied as it is exposed to the air. With water, a dense combination of sweet and rich scents, like a basket of dried fruit, with some fresh gooseberries, apricots and oranges, topped by Russian toffees. The winey notes have fallen back


Very curiously, a sweetness is introduced at the end, after the acidity and dryish finish has passed.

Expert Reviews
Insights from some of the best in the business

"The nose is mellow and sherried, with brittle toffee. Sweet and fragrant. Relatively rich on the palate, with malt, raisins, sultanas and sherry. The finish is lengthy, elegant and slowly drying."

Gavin D Smith, Malt Whisky Yearbook 2015, p.85

“The obvious sherry ageing really suits Blair Athol. It is a malt that matures quickly, and this is very sophisticated for its age. A lovely whisky.”

Michael Jackson 2000, Whisky Magazine, Issue 11

"The nose is rich and full, with orange and citrus fruit. The palate, too, is big and chunky, with some tannin and spice in the mix, and water, parma violet notes."

Dominic Roskrow, Malt Whisky Yearbook 2015, p.85

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