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Mortlach 18 Years Old
 43.4%   |    50cl

A very compelling, moreish and appetising Mortlach for those who like their whiskies robust; best enjoyed straight.

A very compelling, moreish and appetising Mortlach for those who like their whiskies robust; best enjoyed straight.

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"This is sensational stuff, make no mistake.", 2014

The perfect

A very compelling, morish and appetizing Mortlach whisky for those who like their whiskies robust, best enjoyed straight.


A robust, creamy 18 year old like the Mortlach sits comfortably alongside the richness of air-cured meats.

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With a honeyed sweetness and a drying finish, the 18 Year Old complements these specially-made Highland truffles effortlessly.

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16 + 20 /40 90

Mortlach 18 Years Old On The Flavour Map
Taste the character and craft in every drop

Smoky Rich Delicate Light


A Speyside with a truly robust personality.


Clear, bright amber. Elegant beading.


Delicate at first with the light fruity aroma of fresh green apples, giving way to a savoury core suffused with candied sweetness.


Medium to rich in body.


Cautious and creamy at first, with flashes of intense sweetness before an espresso coffee note develops. This is Mortlach at its most robust.


Coating, with a sparkling bitter-sweetness as found in a traditional cloudy lemonade. Ultimately drying and warming.


Distillery: MortlachTM

Age: 18 years old

Strength: 43.4% ABV

Place of Origin: Dufftown

Region: Speyside


in brief… A very compelling, moreish and appetising Mortlach for those who like their whiskies robust; best enjoyed straight.

in a sentence… Astonishingly complex throughout and characterised by a fine interplay of meaty notes, malty sweetness and balancing acidity.


Light, well balanced and nuanced throughout. Delicate at first with the light fruity aroma of fresh green apples, or is it a hard goat’s cheese with a light hay note behind? This soon disappears in a well-paced development to reveal a supple and savoury Mortlach core suffused with candied sweetness: a heady mix of blackcurrant, roast chestnut and treacle toffee. Suggestions of peat with a slightly citric tang meld into oaky notes, then spent match and polished furniture with a cooling hint of peppermint. With water, it opens slowly with spicy notes of cedar and pencil shavings, then caramelised fruit sugars and wood ash.


Cooling, thick and smooth overall. Cautious and creamy at first, with flashes of intense sweetness before an espresso coffee note develops. This is Mortlach at its most robust; rich and muscular, with a mid-palate in which tannins bring out cocoa, damson and a real earthiness to compete with a rich honey sweetness. Later, faint notes of balsam introduce a growing sandalwood spiciness.


Coating, with a sparkling bitter-sweetness as found in a traditional cloudy lemonade or perfectly ripe raspberries. Ultimately drying and warming, with wood smoke or dried lavender and re-emerging cocoa nibs.

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Expert Reviews
Insights from some of the best in the business

"Deep amber in color with the green glints of first-fill sherry, this has bosky notes and meat—mutton and venison—plus graphite, bitter chocolate, and wet rock before layers of dried stone fruits and date. This is the most savory and Bovril-like of the new range. The palate is feral and earthy; think mushroom with game pie, and rowan berries. Deep, but with more dimensions than the previous 16 year old which, in comparison, seems like a blunt instrument."

Dave Broom, 2014, Whisky Advocate Summer 2014

"The nose is beefy, thick, and demands your attention, but also has subtleties that become apparent with careful observation. There are hints of dried flowers and spearmint, along with cocoa, green apples, shaving cream, and subtle hints of peaches and pears. The taste has notes of cinnamon-rich apple pie, nutmeg, banana, coconut, burnt vanilla, and touches of oak and ashiness. The finish is long and smooth, but still powerful and strong as the spices fade with a touch of beefiness and earthy notes of garden soil, beeswax, and fresh mushroom.", November 2013

"The 18 and 25 years old expressions are both sublime and very classy.  The quality, depth and complexity of aroma, flavour and character that each demonstrates are superb.", 2014