Cambus 40 Year Old (2016)

Deceptively complex and fresh for its age, this is an incredibly well-integrated and harmonious (not to mention, very rare) forty-year-old single grain that is light yet sumptuous, fresh and clean. The...+ MORE

Deep gold with amber lights.


Light. Very soft.


Surprisingly lively, quickly mellowing to sweetness. Clean, fruity top-notes of ripe red apples, pineapple and cape gooseberry rise above a wide-ranging, softly sweet melange of boiled and soft-chew strawberry sweets, shortcrust pastry and milk chocolate with smooth, succulent toffee. Nutty, with a trace of candle-wax, it becomes softer with a little water, slowly building a gently piney, mint-fresh wood note with faint, waxy, red-berries; then gaining depth with dark toffee, fruit and almond before a fresh, green apple sharpness with ginger spice.


Cool, light, drying and pine-y; gaining heat and sweetness together as if a salted caramel ice cream was infused with savoury smokiness. Then quite dense and raisiny, with hints of pear drops and plum, and a pungency right to the finish. Water brings out its best, now cooler, lightly sweet, salty and softly waxy with ginger and white pepper spice, growing chewy and coating; briefly fruity then warming like a rich, moist ginger cake.


Short yet warm, gentle and sweet, with crème brûlée and ginger beneath a light, cleansing eucalyptus. There’s a faint woodiness as the sweetness is underscored by subtle tannins. Light with water; appetising, apéritif-like.