Pittyvaich 29 Year Old Special Release 2019 Single Malt Scotch Whisky, 70cl

A unique expression with real depth of flavour and character of a ‘ghost’ malt from a closed distillery, this is the only double-matured Pittyvaich ever released and the only one to have been finished ...+ MORE

Deep gold, with orange lights. Very good beading.




A mellow nose overall, with very light prickle; lightly nose drying, with first faint and delicate impressions of fruitiness and dried flowers, beneath which there’s a note of buttery sponge. A drop of water enhances the dried flowers, brings up the sweetness, and adds spicy touches of sweet ginger and hardwood shavings.


At natural strength, mouth-filling, and ultra-smooth in texture. The taste is immediately rich and very sweet, with light dried fruits; golden sultanas in light liquor. It quickly becomes spicy, with tannic gunpowder tea in mid-palate, and is drying overall. Similar though softer with water, when sweet toffee can be discerned.


Long, smooth, and spicy, finishing with a shake of powdered ginger and a lingering, embracing warmth. With water, smoother.