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Talisker Bodega 41 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky, 70cl

A magnificent lion-hearted old Talisker. Rich with the sophistication of age yet still full of life while retaining the make's familiar maritime and spicy characters.

This is an outstanding mature Talisker. Its maritime heritage and elegant fruity notes are enhanced by subtle accents of finishing in fine Manzanilla sherry casks. It can hold its own in any company and is equally good with or without a drop of water.


Bright amber with deep golden lights. Astonishingly good beading for this strength.


Medium to full.


Cautious, with slight prickle at first, then sweet, smoky-peat wafts of treacle toffee, smoke with iodine. Rich, sweet fruit. Ripe figs. Raisins. Fire and brimstone. With water, hessian sacking, fine tweed, notes of the warehouse; all lightly harmonious, with elements of land, sea, and sky.


Great to drink at natural strength, when the taste seamlessly moves from sweetness through saltiness to pepper, smoke, fire, and brimstone. The mouth-filling texture is rich and smooth. It starts with the sweetness of soft-fudge, then a balancing saltiness gradually yields to a peppery heat that lasts and lasts. The expected chilli-pepper kick at the back is gloriously unmuted. Sweeter, more savoury and smoky when reduced, it's still delicious and the pepper still finds a way through.


Long, hot, smoky, and delicious, with mouth-cooling Sichuan pepper in the aftertaste amid lingering threads of peat smoke. Adding water reduces the heat while lengthening the finish.