The distillery gates of Brora have remained shut since 1983. The myth of a legend kept alive only by whispered tales of Brora's skilled craftspeople, passed down through generations.

A distillery suspended in time, Brora reopened its gates in 2021 again after three years of meticulous brick by brick restoration.



Request your booking to visit the Brora Distillery and hear first-hand the stories of Brora that have been passed on from generation to generation.

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For decades Brora has been viewed as one of the lost icons of the whisky world. During its time of closure, the distillery and its whisky gained legendary status among whisky connoisseurs the world over.

The restored distillery will now safeguard a sustainable future for Brora, with the installation of a biomass boiler powered by sustainably sourced wood chips from Northern Scotland.

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“Every effort has been taken to replicate the conditions, equipment and processes from Brora to recreate the spirit for which the distillery is famous.”


Founded by the Marquis of Stafford in 1819 but closed in 1983, Brora grew to become a cult legend celebrated by collectors and connoisseurs. On 19th May 2021, 38 years after Brora closed its gates, the 202 year old distillery was awakened.