Discover the Glenlossie Whisky Range

"A pleasantly tart single malt, with fruity sweetness and a lightly chocolatey finish. It’s the proximity to the sea which lends Glenlossie a little of the coastal malt to its Speyside character, with a hint of smoke on the nose."


Glenlossie distillery was the dream of local publican John Duff, who sketched the plans and worked with a local architect by the name of MacKenzie to make it a reality in 1876. Duff used the 70-foot drop from a nearby dam to drive a wheel which in turn powered the machinery, making Glenlossie, Duff and his local investors independent of steam power. The distillery changed hands over the years, and eventually moved from water to steam, and during the 1960 refurbishment to electricity. Though the wheel and the hand-fired stills may have gone, the independent spirit of Duff remains in this distinct Speyside malt.