Introducing Brora Triptych

Never before have three styles of Brora been released in one collector’s set and the Brora Triptych is an unparalleled capsule of the original and historic Brora stocks. Released at the same time as the distillery reopened, this is a once in a generation offering of exceptionally rare distinct styles of Brora.

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Brora Heritage & Restoration


The distillery was founded, as Clynelish Distillery, by the Marquis of Stafford in 1819.


In 1887, Alfred Barnard wrote the demand from private customers was “so great that the firm have for some years been obliged to refuse trade orders".

At a time when the vast majority of whisky was going straight into blends, Clynelish was being sold as a single malt and to private customers.

1896 / 1897

The distillery’s capacity was substantially increased in 1896/97 by Ainslie & Co.

1967 / 1968

To cope with demand, a new distillery was built next to Clynelish in 1967. They were known as Clynelish A and B, until the original was renamed Brora Distillery in 1968.


Brora produced a heavily-peated Islay-style whisky from 1968 up until 1981 when its peating levels were brought into line with other mainland malts.


Brora Distillery closed in 1983 and since then the whisky it produced has become one of the most highly prized and sought-after liquids in Scotch whisky.


In 2017, the decision was taken to re-awaken Brora Distillery in answer to existing enthusiasts’ prayers and so new generations can enjoy its exceptional single malt.

2017 - 2021

2017 - 2021: In order to restore the original masterpiece, work began to replicate, as closely as possible, the conditions, equipment and processes used at the distillery in 1983.


19th May 2021: the Brora Triptych is revealed on the day the distillery returned.