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Cragganmore Distillers Edition
 40%   |    70cl

The complexity of Cragganmore makes it an out-of-the-ordinary choice for a second cask finish. However, port-wine casks provide the perfectly harmonious partner.
The complexity of Cragganmore makes it an out-of-the-ordinary choice for a second cask finish. However, port-wine casks provide the perfectly harmonious partner.

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"The Port added extra sweetness and candied notes, and quite nicely so.", 2013

The perfect

The deeply fruity, banana and cocoa flavours of the Cragganmore Distiller's Edition call for a neat serving, or perhaps a cube of ice.


Deliciously smoky and rich, Cragganmore calls for the company of rich, meaty foods like sirloin steak.

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The ultimate pairing: succulent, sticky lamb chops and the rich fruit of Cragganmore.

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12 + 20 /40 80

Cragganmore Distillers Edition
Taste the character and craft in every drop.

Smoky Rich Delicate Light


The definition of a Speyside malt.


Warm gold.


Sweet (jelly-babies) and malty. Fruitier and juicier than the standard bottling. A hint of smoke.


Light to medium body, with rich undertones.


Firm, sweet, with smoky undertones and fruitiness. Malt, oak and smoke at the base. Intriguingly layered.


Medium to long with fine, oaky expressions, from bananas and vanilla to cocoa. Much drier than it began.


Distillery: CragganmoreTM

Age: 12 years old

Strength: 43% ABV

Place of Origin: Ballindalloch

Region: Speyside


in brief… Sweet fragrant aromas with smoke and malt.

in a sentence… Sweet and fragrant with a firm body and a malty taste; a long finish, with delicate aromas and light smoke.


in brief… Sweet fruity aromas with malt, oak and smoke.

in a sentence… Sweet, intensely fruity fragrances and a deep oak-smoked malty taste, then a longish drying finish with plenty of oak character showing through.


Jellybabies! Sweet, black ones - complete with powdery sugar. And, of course, malt. A tantalising aroma, much, much fruitier and more mouthwatering than the standard Cragganmore. Just a hint of smoke does linger.


Light to medium, with rich undertones.


Firm, arousing stuff. Initially sweet with some deep smoky undertones and a rather off-beat fruitiness. Malt, oak and smoke seem to rumble around the base of the palate. An intriguingly two-tiered malt.


Medium to long with a breathtakingly fine explosion of oaky expressions, running from bananas and vanilla to cocoa. Much drier than that very first sweet burst.

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Expert Reviews
Insights from some of the best in the business

"Cragganmore is a deep malt but its richness is often obscured by its fruity sweetness. A period in port pipes allows this element to be amplified. The black currant is now fully fruited and acts as a flavor bridge while the meatiness that sits underneath and often unseen is revealed. Think cherry pipe tobacco, clove, and dark fruits. Sweet, but not too sweet, and always identifiably Cragganmore. For me, the pick of the bunch."

Dave Broom, Whisky Advocate Summer 2012