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Glenkinchie Distillers Edition
 43%   |    70cl

After mellowing in a refill cask to develop the soft distillery character for a decade, a secondary maturation in a specifically chosen Amontillado cask wood ensures that all the good work continues.
After mellowing in a refill cask to develop the soft distillery character for a decade, a secondary maturation in a specifically chosen Amontillado cask wood ensures that all the good work continues.

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"Here the finish has added a new element while not killing the distillery character."

Dave Broom 2009, Whisky Magazine, Issue 79

The perfect

Glenkinchie Distillers Edition works best neat.


Fragrant and even creamy, Glenkinchie works magic when paired with a light vanilla cheesecake.

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As a light whisky, Glenkinchie takes well to pairings with the sweeter courses, like hand-finished chocolate truffles.

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Glenkinchie Distillers Edition
Taste the character and craft in every drop.

Smoky Rich Delicate Light


A Lowland whisky that’s something of a rarity.


Golden brown.


Firmer, drier notes from soft vanilla to crisp grape. Sweeter, nuttier tones come from the malted barley and cask wood.


Firm in body, light to medium in mouthfeel.


Dry, after early biscuit-sweetness. Enormous malt character contrasts with the fruitiness of the grape.


Very long, dry, oaky. Very faint peppery notes add spice, softened by very late caramel.


Distillery: GlenkinchieTM

Age: Varies. Double matured in Amontillado cask wood

Strength: 43% ABV

Place of Origin: Pencaitland

Region: Lowland 


in brief… An intriguing whisky. Fascinating and very enjoyable.

in a sentence… Balanced sweet and dry nose, enormous malt palate and long oaky, dry finish - the second maturation perfectly develops Glenkinchie’s character. 


Brisk, sharp and brittle. An excellent nose; astonishing balance and complexity between sweet and dry. The slightly firmer, drier notes are provided by very soft vanillins and crisp grape; the sweeter, nuttier ones by the malted barley and possibly the Spanish oak.


Essentially dry following a very early burst of biscuity-sweetness. Enormous malt character, the more pronounced as it can be measured against the thin fruitiness of the grape.


A very long offering of oak. Remains dry with very faint peppery notes - again, oak induced - spicing things up a little. Some very late caramel softens things down, though - especially when the glass has warmed in the hand. 

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Expert Reviews
Insights from some of the best in the business

"Bottled in 2014, this expression of Glenkinchie was distilled in 2000 and finished in amontillado sherry casks. The amontillado gives a more rounded feel and greater profundity to the single malt. Peaches, apricots, almonds, and soft ginger on the nose, Smooth and balanced on the palate, gently spiced and nutty, with cherries, caramel, discreet sherry, and vanilla. The medium-length finish features vanilla and lingering, spicy Jaffa oranges, drying slowly to oak."

Gavin D Smith, The Whisky Advocate Summer 2015

"Now this is absolutely top class wine cask finishing. One of my last whiskies of the night, and one to take home with me. Sophisticated, intelligent and classy. 94 points"

Jim Murray 2013 Whisky Bible, p.125

"Amontillado casks are used here, which add a certain almond-like note to the nose, as well as more obvious oakiness. The effect is a general deepening and lengthening of aroma and flavor. The dry notes have gone, replaced by a sweeter and more generous palette of flavors. The fresh meadow flowers are more like cut flowers in a florist shop, the fruits hint toward peach, and there’s a new citric burst on the finish."

Dave Broom, The Whisky Advocate Summer 2012