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Established in 1823, an age of great achievement in the world of whisky, Mortlach distillery was the first legal distillery in Dufftown and it has long continued to set the standard

Established in 1823, an age of great achievement in the world of whisky, Mortlach distillery was the first legal distillery in Dufftown and it has long continued to set the standard. To this day, the unique liquid owes much to the brave vision of its greatest owners – George Cowie and his son Dr. Alexander Mitchell Cowie.

The Character
Elegant and powerful

Beloved of whisky writers and connoisseurs alike

Forget the light, fruity character of the traditional Speyside: Mortlach is muscular, bold and yet with subtle, refined aspects that keep connoisseurs coming back again and again.
Taste profile Flavour Map

Rich and highly complex

A muscular malt This is a Speyside malt unlike any other: a beast in the sense of power and complexity, with sweetness and dryness held in perfect balance to create an overall long lasting, viscous and complex sipping experience. This muscularity and intensity of flavour is at the heart of each of new expression – created by the unique 2.81 distillation process and the heart and soul of the distillery.

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Mortlach Heritage

Founded in 1823, the first three decades of Mortlach’s life were uncertain, with numerous owners coming and going. Fortunately, in 1853, a railway surveyor by the name of George Cowie took over.
Cowie had spent his career helping to build Britain’s infrastructure, and soon brought the same level of skill and determination to the craft of distillation – establishing Mortlach’s superiority over 40 years.
By 1896, George’s son Alexander joined the business, introduced the 2.81 distillation process, and set events in motion that would give us the rich, muscular whisky we know today.

A facet of Speyside few see

A facet of Speyside few see

Dufftown is at the heart of Speyside, a region considered by many to be the epicentre of Scotch whisky production. However, Mortlach stands out among its regional counterparts: a wildchild overlaying the traditional honey, vanilla and apple notes with a spectrum that runs from ripe autumn fruits to ginger.

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Mortlach. Malt Whisky. Made Magnificent

Discover Mortlach, the first legal distillery in Dufftown, Speyside. Born in 1823, Mortlach uses a unique & complex distillation process called ‘2.81 distilled’. The result is a bold, robust liquid that whisky connoisseurs refer to as “The Beast of Dufftown"

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