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The Singleton Of Glen Ord

The oldest of The Singleton distilleries and the only Highlander in the family, Glen Ord is the product of the White Burn’s water and the Black Isle’s barley

The oldest of The Singleton distilleries and the only Highlander in the family, Glen Ord is the product of the White Burn’s water and the Black Isle’s barley. But this beautifully rich Single Malt Scotch Whisky is anything but grey – zinging instead with the vibrancy of dark berries, cherries and blackcurrants.

The Character
Balanced, complex and moreish

This is one of a kind

A long fermentation – up to 75 hours in fact – combined with slow, batch distillation and a maturation in both American and European oak casks makes for a rich and rewarding Single Malt Scotch Whisky. Tart, tongue-coating and fruity, the influence of the European oak makes The Singleton of Glen Ord complex, accessible and even moreish.
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The Pinnacle of Highland Flavour

This isn’t a sweet, delicate Speyside, nor is it wreathed in Islay’s smokiness – but there is something of both in Glen Ord’s three whiskies, with the richness of dark berries, cherries and blackcurrants running across three expressions, creating something elegant, complex and very fulfilling.

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Founded by Thomas Mackenzie in 1838, the distillery has weathered the financial troubles of many a fledgling owner.
Thanks to steady control from McLennans, McGregors and MacKenzies, by 1877 Glen Ord was on sale in colonies such as Singapore and South Africa.
Since 1925, and barring two world wars, the distillery has been in constant production and remains popular with drinkers from Europe to Asia to this day.

North of Inverness

Whisky From The Black Isle

The Black Isle is a peninsula that gets its name from the rich, fertile soil which nourishes the barley used by Glen Ord distillery, among others. Add to that a pure water source and you have two convincing reasons to establish a distillery.

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The Singleton of Glen Ord Virtual Reality Experience

One of the first single malt virtual reality tasting experience’s in the world. Transport yourself to Scotland & into the Glen Ord distillery for a tasting immersion like no other.