John Walker & Sons King George V Blended Scotch Whisky, 70cl

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John Walker & Sons King George V is an exceptional whisky, crafted to celebrate the granting of the first Royal Warrant to John Walker & Sons by King George V in 1934. Drawing on almost 200 years of ...+ MORE

Sweet, smoky aromas deepened by Port Ellen are followed by notes of orange and Mediterranean fruits and the rich fruit spiciness - raisins, figs and cinnamon – of malts from across Scotland matured in European and American oak.


Rich in texture, on the palate there’s an abundance of spice and dried fruits from the Speyside and Highlands whiskies with European oak character, balanced by creamy vanilla sweetness from the malts and grains matured in American oak, together releasing layer upon layer of flavour: sweet fruits, dark chocolate, toffee, spices and roast nuts.


Port Ellen intensifies the maritime Islay smokiness that gathers momentum through the exceptionally long, warming finish with hints of spice and pepper.