Johnnie Walker

Johnnie Walker

Johnnie Walker Blue Label Ghost and Rare Port Dundas Edition Blended Scotch Whisky, 70cl

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Following the great success of the series to date, this is the 5th release, coming with individually numbered bottles. Johnnie Walker Blue Label "Ghost & Rare" Port Dundas uses eight of the rarest whiskys from the unparalleled Johnnie Walker reserves. Get ready for a whisky like no other, as Johnnie Walker delivers a depth of flavour and character that no other blended scotch can match.

Serving Suggestion: Enjoy this Scotch whisky best straight with a glass of chilled water to neutralize the palate.

The Johnnie Walker Ghost and Rare Edition is an exclusive blend of limited-edition Scotch whiskys that celebrates the rarest and most distinctive flavors of the Blue Label. Established in 1811, Port Dundas was ranked among the finest grain whisky distilleries in the world and the handpicked whiskys demonstrate how the distillery character is brought to life through gentle aging. The collection perfectly emphasizes the wonderful depth of flavor imparted to Johnnie Walker Blue Label by this distinctively fruity and delicate grain whisky, known for its mild, fragrant wood spice character. A must for every whisky connoisseur!

"Johnnie Walker Blue Label was awarded the Gold Medal at the B11IWSC 2020."


Creamy, wood notes from Port Dundas embrace the vanilla and soft smoke from the “ghost” whiskies of Cambus and original stocks of Brora. Other very rare whiskys reveal notes of spiced apples alongside aromas of peaches and berries.