Johnnie Walker

The John Walker Last Cask Blended Scotch Whisky, 70cl

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The John Walker is an elegant, triple matured Scotch crafted using rare whiskies from nine ancient distilleries that existed during the lifetime of our founder John Walker (1805-1857). This elegant and refined whisky expertly brings together rare expressions from the now silent “ghost” distilleries of Glen Albyn, Port Dundas and Cambus, along with six of Scotland’s most historic distilleries - Cameronbridge, Cardhu, Mortlach, Clynelish, Dailuaine and Talisker.

This unique whisky is triple matured. A long, first maturation in individual casks allows the specific flavours unique to each distillery to develop. A second maturation expertly combines the individual casks and flavours into separate single malt and grain vattings. Finally, these vattings are married together in a bespoke cask, made by coopers from oak staves over a century old, to create a wonderfully balanced blend.

To celebrate this last ever limited release whisky, The John Walker, Last Cask, is beautifully presented in a handmade Baccarat crystal decanter, with a bespoke design by Hand Engraver of Glass to Her Majesty the Queen, Philip Lawson Johnston.