Pittyvaich 25 Year Old

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Established in 1975 and closed in 1993, the product of this short-lived Speyside distillery is rarely seen as a Single Malt Scotch Whisky and this bottling has lived longer than the distillery itself. ...+ MORE

Yellow gold with good beading.




Firm, honey-sweet aromas of fermented malt laced with almond oil set the tone before the aroma quickly becomes more complex, with delicate fruity high notes (pineapple, baked green apple, strawberry jam). Beneath these lies a soft cushion of vanilla sponge and custard. Adding water brings up a beautiful sweetness and roundness with a fragrant, oily hue. The fruit is now sliced banana with honey on malted cereal, soft fruit sweets or barley sugar.


Surprisingly mild at natural strength, the overall taste sweet and cooling, with light acidity. In the development, there’s a warm nuttiness, still oily and malty as on the nose, with that balancing sharpness: it’s as if treacle toffee were cut by a green apple crispness. Mid-palate, a fine, buttery fruit tart. When reduced with water, it becomes thicker in texture, more warming and drier; the taste is sweet and pithy, with dried mixed fruit and more of that balancing crisp apple acidity.


Medium in length and warming. Slightly pungent and herbal with a hint of peat; later, drying, with a heather honey aftertaste. Milder with water: still sweet and gently oily with balancing bitterness; spicy and faintly aromatic.