Port Ellen 35 Year Old

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A closed Islay distillery, Port Ellen bottlings are now very rare and highly sought – especially after at this age. In fact, earlier releases in this series now change hands among collectors for large ...+ MORE

Bright, deep gold with amber lights. Fine beading.


Smooth and agreeably oily.


Sophisticated and understated; dry overall, opening with distant, faint smoke, before a wave of familiar sweet and smoky notes, among which hints of hessian and warm wood are all that suggest great age. The distant smoke soon grows closer and more fragrant, while above it drift pleasing sweet aromas of honey-cured smoked meats or root vegetable. Through all this a fresh, cleansing note rises, to vie with sweet mint and sharp citrus - winey hints too. Finally, smooth, dark cocoa, some vanilla and more wood smoke. With water, first sweet, then more muted and savoury, though later a fruity clarity sweetly returns.


Immediate and lively! At first, rich and honeyed, the sweetness perfectly balanced by maritime salt as if to suggest sweet seaweed. Then, unexpected notes of citrus and ginger burst like lime and ginger marmalade on wholemeal toast. In turn, this sunny edge is clouded by sweet smoke, rising against a velvety backdrop of dark chocolate. The rich character remains in essence unchanged when reduced with water; still warming, the citrus becomes orange oil, with ginger and modest smoke.


Very long and warming, with crisp ginger and citrus, and fresh, menthol clean notes that rise against a backdrop of drying, oaky wood smoke.