Talisker x Parley Wilder Seas, Single Malt Scotch Whisky, 70cl

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Talisker x Parley "Wilder Seas" is our very first single malt scotch whisky finished in French Oak XO Cognac casks. It has a pleasurable weight on the palate and a fine depth of taste, delivering a highly successful marriage of cask and spirit character - mature and rounded. The new 100% recycled bottle^ is made from biofuel and has been re-shaped into the distinctive Talisker bottle. This Limited Edition is vision and mission combined, as the in-built donation supports global, sustainable projects to protect and preserve sea forests off the coast of Scotland, South Africa and Chile. (^excludes cap, ceramic decoration and label)

  • WHISKY ON A MISSION - Talisker has partnered with "Parley for the Oceans", to rewild more than 100 million square metres of ocean forest. With this limited edition bottling, Talisker "Wilder Seas", we invite wild spirits around the world to join us on our journey. Each 100% recycled bottle purchased represents a £3 donation to our joint cause to protect and preserve the oceans.

  • PURE FLAVOUR - Finished in ex-Cognac French Oak casks, a Talisker first, the maritime aromas and powerful spice crash in waves, while rich fruity sweetness and lush complexity rises from the profound smoky depths, representing a glowing sunrise and a new day on the horizon for our seas.

  • SERVE SUGGESTION - Talisker Wilder Seas is best enjoyed neat with a drop of water to bring the flavours out to the fullest.

  • GIFTING IDEA - Talisker "Wilder Seas" is not just any whisky. This limited bottling is a gift with purpose. With this collectable bottle made from 100% recycled glass and made with biofuel, you will help raise awareness and funds for Talisker's collaboration with Parley and their shared mission to re-wild more than 100 million square meters of ocean forest. This is the ideal gift for whisky lovers whose passion connects with outdoor adventure and for whisky-enthusiasts who wish to honour the wild and act responsibly to protect our planet.

  • IN SUPPORT OF "PARLEY FOR THE OCEANS" - At Talisker, the Sea is our inspiration, and its rugged coastline our home. Covering more than 70% of our planet’s surface and providing more than half of the oxygen we breathe, the sea sustains us all. We are all Made by the Sea, join our mission to protect it. This bottle represents a £3 donation to help protect and conserve 100 million square metres of marine sea forest.


A glorious, shining deep amber with reddish lights. The rich colour of rosewood or a freshly opened horse chestnut.


Medium to full.


Mild and dry in feel, yet rich overall. Tight-packed top notes of fruit and malt suggest malt bread with sultanas, dates and dried figs. Beneath them, a light mineral hint of chalk leads into rousing maritime notes of brine, salt crystals and ship’s rails in a high sea, all on a lightly fruity, winey base, with a hint of pipe tobacco. Adding a little water brings up a smoky note.


The creamy-smooth mouthfeel introduces a big taste that starts richly sweet then quickly becomes salty, smoky and fruity, with lush, sweet hints of sultana and fig mid-palate wrapped in rising peppery spice and smokiness. Rich and intense at natural strength, it becomes slightly sweeter, fruitier (suggesting ripe figs again) and spicier if water is added.


Long, warming and lightly drying, with a familiar late peppery catch and a most appealing smoky-fruity aftertaste.