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A lexicon of terms from the world of whisky.

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Barley is a cereal grain used exclusively for the production of Single Malt Scotch Whisky. For malt distilling, barley with a low nitrogen and large corn size is best, and this will provide the maximum amount of starch, respectively sugar, which in turn will result in more alcohol. It is in the end the sugar which is converted during fermentation into alcohol. Barley is also used in the production of grain whisky along with other cereals such as wheat or rye.
A quick but imprecise method used to judge the alcoholic strength of a whisky. If you shake a bottle tiny bubbles or beads appear. The longer lasting the bubbles, the greater the alcohol content of the whisky. Try this with Caol Ila cask strength and a Lagavulin 16 year old to see the difference.
selecting the right combination of casks and blending them together bringing various desirable characteristics to the finished product. In most cases blended whiskies are a mix of grain and malt whiskies.
Whisky is held in bonded warehouses until excise duty has been paid.
A small building in the Scottish Highlands with mostly only a single room, or even hidden underground where illicit distilling was practiced.
An American whiskey distilled from a minimum of 51% corn, distilled to no more than 80% ABV, filled into new charred oak barrels (almost always American white oak) at no more than 62.5% ABV.