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Effortless, elegant, the generous spirit, Cardhu whisky flows like the conversation of excellent company

Effortless, elegant, the generous spirit, Cardhu whisky flows like the conversation of excellent company. These smooth, sweet, mellow characters, drawn from the peat-softened waters of the Mannoch Hills, are the essential companion of any vivacious host.

The Character
Members of the Cardhu family are intrinsically lively in character

Warm, elegant and approachable

Cardhu distillery – previously called Cardow – must be one of the best-located distilleries in Speyside: high on the hills on the north side of the Spey Valley with delightful views to the south. Though they take their name from the Gaelic for Black Rock, the malts of Cardhu have a warmth and cleanliness of taste, often described as silky, making them both elegant and approachable. Perfect for toasting, celebrating and sharing with old and new friends.
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Compelling and joyous

This is a family of delicate single malts that surprises with every sip. There is a mellow, golden sunshine quality to Cardhu – reminiscent of warm, hazy afternoons spent with good friends. With its soft fruit and honey, good balance of sweetness and spice, the Cardhu family is a welcome addition to any collection.

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Cardhu Heritage

The Excise Act of 1824 marked the transformation of John and Helen Cummings’ cottage business into a well-respected local distillery – thanks largely to Helen’s business acumen and skill as a distiller.
But it was the wife of Lewis, their son, who established the character and flavour of the malt we know today. Elizabeth Cummings took over the distillery in 1872 after the death of her husband and soon registered Car Dhu as a trademark.
She grew production every year and, by 1884, larger premises were needed. With the construction of New Cardhu nearby, Elizabeth laid the foundations for a whisky of global renown.

The classic Speyside malt

From the lush valley of the River Spey

Over half of Scotland’s single malt whisky distilleries can be found within this one region. Speyside – the fertile valley of the River Spey – is the undisputed heart of single malt whisky distilling in Scotland. And Cardhu, with its enticing, honeyed vanilla, fresh apples and pears, conspires to create whiskies that are both sophisticated and approachable.

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