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The Singleton Of Dufftown

The Singleton of Dufftown was built during the reign of Queen Victoria

The Singleton of Dufftown was built during the reign of Queen Victoria. And though the traditional methods, centuries of craft and ancient water source remain, Dufftown – the smoothest of the family of three – is on a mission to create new, great tasting Single Malt Scotch Whiskies that burst with flavour.

The Character
The perfect introduction to a world of flavour

Rounded, rich and sweet in nature

The Singleton of Dufftown is often described as possessing an exceptional smoothness, although the new-make spirit from its three pairs of stills runs spicy in character. Using a combination of American and European Oak casks at roughly a 50/50 split, the finishing rounds off that edge – evoking in some expressions nuttier, cereal notes of this Speysider.
Taste profile Flavour Map

Think summer fruits and honey

A rounded whisky from the centre of the Flavour Map. From the lively Tailfire to the mellow Sunray, The Singleton family is a study in the soft, subtle flavours it’s possible to uncover through the maturation process. Nutty overtones, with summer fruits, honey, vanilla and even coconut mean these whiskies taste superb neat, but also as the star ingredient in a cocktail, or bringing a new dimension to a food-pairing experience.

Discover the Flavour Map


The 1890s saw a boom in the Scotch whisky trade, and the establishment of this – Dufftown’s sixth distillery at the time – by Peter MacKenzie and Richard Stackpole.
The two converted an old saw mill and, despite a few wranglings over the distillery’s water supply, set about producing a whisky so popular that it survived the whisky crash of 1898,
the US Prohibition Act of 1920, and thanks to Arthur Bell and Sons, the great depression of the 1930s to become a global brand, known for its accessible, balanced taste.

A Speyside of exceptional quality

From the Garden of Scotland

Over half of Scotland’s malt whisky distilleries are found on Speyside, and Dufftown distillery is at the centre of this fertile region, caught between mountains, rivers and sea. With water so pure, rival distillers of old tried to divert its course; Dufftown produces a sublime collection of Speyside expressions which form part of the wider The Singleton family.