Introducing the newest Lagavulin Offerman Edition: Charred Oak Cask

There is a saying that “Good Things Come in Threes”. Introducing the third release from Lagavulin in the Offerman series, we bring to you an exceptional whisky that combines the three passions of well-known American actor, Nick Offerman - wood, Lagavulin and steak!

Available exclusively on from 17th October, you can be one of the first to add this limited edition release to your collection.

Let the flames of your passion run wild

A flavoursome dram that is best enjoyed neat or on the rocks, ideally alongside a perfectly cooked steak. Discover waves of flavour with hints of vanilla and chocolate, sweet red berries, sea salt brine and Lagavulin’s signature smoke, followed by a lingering spicy finish.

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“I have travelled the world and sampled many attempts at pleasing nectars, but it is solely this distillation of Islay; a tiny, charismatic Scottish Isle, that has claimed my palate.


Nick Offerman

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