Accessibility at Cragganmore

We’re pleased to have consulted Euan’s guide to ensure that we provide disabled access information upfront to give all our visitors the confidence to visit our distillery and enjoy the experience. To help plan your visit, we’ve included an overview of our facilities and what to expect. Please do let us know if you have any specific requirements at the time of your booking and a member of staff will be in touch.


We have 3 disabled parking spaces in our car park. 2 spaces are approximately 11 metres from the entrance to our retail area while the other space is situated inside the courtyard approximately 2 metres from the retail entrance. There are no obstacles between these spaces and our retail entrance. There is a small step (approx. 15mm high) to enter retail. Unfortunately, we do not have a ramp available.


The entrance door to retail is only 80cm wide and features a 15mm high step. Unfortunately, we do not have an accessible lift. We do have a ramp which leads into the Clubroom where tutored tasting sessions are held by our guides. There is a small ramp into the still house which leads to a flat area where visitors can view the stills.

Unfortunately, due to the layout of the historic distillery, the tour route is not fully accessible. However we can offer a virtual tour video and tutored tasting sessions.


Unfortunately, we do not have accessible toilets.