Johnnie Walker

Johnnie Walker

Johnnie Walker Blue Label Legendary Eight 200th Anniversary Whisky, 70cl

A rare jewel crafted from only eight legendary distilleries, all at least 200 years old. Plunge into a rich wave of velvety smooth flavour. Sweet fruit swells before a mellow kiss of citrus recedes to a serenade of warming, gentle smoke.

Johnnie Walker Blue Label Legendary Eight Exclusive Blend is a smooth, mellow Scotch made using some of our rarest whiskies from across the untamed wilds of Scotland, including exceptionally rare whiskies from "ghost" distilleries. Each one is hand-selected from only eight legendary distilleries that existed when John Walker took the first steps on our journey 200 years ago. The rare whiskies from these distilleries are an inspiration to our whisky makers today. Since John Walker first opened our doors in 1820, we've never stopped in the pursuit of excellence. This passion led to the exceptional quality and depth of flavour that we now find in the remarkable character of every drop of Johnnie Walker whisky. Coat your tongue with sweet toffee and the soft caress of brown sugar and vanilla notes before a wave of fresh orchard fruits is enveloped by a wisp of smoke. This whisky celebrates 200 years of bold and passionate craft, bottled for this moment.


The blend is rich with layers of brown sugars, soft fruit and sweet wood. These flavours evolve to reveal hints of green apple and a subtle zest; complimenting the gentle peat unfolding in the background to give an overarching warming sensation.


A wonderful sweetness envelops the taste buds, through which notes of stone fruits, stewing apples and cocoa emerge.


A wisp of smoke comes through to deepen the flavour resulting in a soft and lightly peppered finish.