Cardhu Amber Rock Single Malt Scotch Whisky, 70cl

Cardhu comes from one of the oldest of the Speyside distilleries, which have nestled in foothills near the River Spey for 200 years. Members of the Cardhu whisky family are lively in character and surprise with every sip. The history of Cardhu’s rise to fame is to a large part told in the story of two determined women: Helen Cumming, who founded the distillery with her husband in 1811, can fairly be called the first ‘woman of whisky’, and her daughter-in-law, Elizabeth, became known as the ‘Queen of the Whisky Trade’. Cardhu's Amber Rock Single Malt Scotch whisky is double matured in toasted American oak casks, resulting in a full bodied whisky, packed with vanilla, citrus and oaky notes. Its name is inspired by its distinctive colour. One of the most distinctive, luxurious Scotch Whisky bottles in the world, perfect as a gift.

Serving Suggestion: Serve in a large balloon glass neat or with a little water. Amber Rock also offers up some new, fruity flavours when served with ice.

"A solid, easy-drinking malt that would find itself welcome in both cold and warm months."

Alwynne Gwilt,

International Spirits Challenge




A compelling and flavourful Cardhu that starts citrus-fresh


Vanilla, citrus & oaky notes


It smoothly reveals deeper notes of vanilla and creamy chocolate


It is rounded off by a spicy, sweet finish