Talisker 25 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky, 750ml

Produced at the oldest distillery on the Isle of Skye, Talisker Single Malt Scotch Whisky has been made by the sea since 1830, with its smell and taste instantly connecting you to its rugged maritime home. Every sip is a taste of the Isle of Skye itself, one of the most remote, windswept yet beautiful landscapes in Scotland. A beautifully structured Talisker, this rare 25-year-old single malt has great depth and is full of vibrant but mellow character. This elegant expression of Talisker is reminiscent of much older drams. A rare limited release like Talisker 25 Year Old makes a memorable and special gift for whisky connoisseurs and lovers of smoky island single malt whiskies.

Serving Suggestion: Add a splash of water or ice to reveal rich notes of plum, orange peel and toffee.

"Come across initially to me as reserved, perhaps even elegant for a Talisker. Soothing too, with an oily texture. Quite fruity (orange, tangerine, apricot), perhaps even floral, with a delicate pastry sweetness. The more traditional Talisker notes kick in -- brine, seaweed, warming pepper -- repeated in the finish. a high-quality Talikser; albeit a bit reserved at times. I love the oily, viscous texture."

John Hansell, Whisky Advocate Spring 2010

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Warm gold.


Smooth and firm in body.


Honeysuckle, beeswax, hints of fruity smoke, pineapple, lychee juice, carbolic soap, and baked beans hiding behind.


Boasts freshly cut boards, tropical fruit syrup, muddy peat, a hint of violet, juicy orange, and light smoke.


Anis, light wood, and sawdust. Floral notes linger for a long and warming finish.