The Singleton

The Singleton of Glendullan 18 Year Old, 750ml

The driest and most mature malt in the Singleton of Glendullan stable has a clear structure yet still retains its central core of sweet fruit. An extra-mature, dense, smooth and peppery Singleton, that becomes cooler and deliciously subtle with a little water.

Serving Suggestion: Neat or with a drop of water.


Rich, old gold.


Medium to full bodied with good viscosity.


Dry, rich and complex with a mild nose-feel, backed by black pepper and mature notes of cigar-box. Hard toffee and faint dry fruits, such as over-ripe banana, pears and plums, are backed by a little hint or two of polished walnut and leather. A chocolate note is clear, but the fruits are still dominant. A little water allows things to become more open and fragrant: floral notes, mature wood and faint minerality; perhaps suggesting Darjeeling tea leaves? Overall, clean and very elegant.


Very soft, with a smooth texture and sweet taste (chocolate-coated shortbread) but also a fresh acidity that deepens into a rich spicy note of herbs, black cherry and sweet liquorice, heading towards chilli-pepper. With a little water the taste remains sweet without being cloying, and is now attractively palate-cooling.


Soft, dry and rounded. Adding water allows a pleasant nutty spiciness to come through, recalling the cigar-box found on the nose.