Talisker: One for the Sea

Talisker is made by the sea and is committed to preserving the oceans across the world. In 2020, we partnered with Parley based on our shared passion for the sea and pledged to help them protect & restore 100 million square meters of wild sea forests.

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Preserving our Seas

We plan to nurture and rewild an area the size of approximately 14,000 football pitches off Scotland’s Nordic Sea coast over the next three years, and support research that will show how vital sea forests are in combating climate change, helping them gain greater protection in Scotland and further afield.

Talisker. Made by the sea.

Talisker is inspired by the rugged spirit of the Scottish Isle of Skye, which lends our whisky its unique taste of sweet smoke and maritime character. Our close connection to the ocean reminds us that the diverse marine life to which it is home is increasingly under threat.

Through our ongoing partnership with Parley we aim to protect and restore the natural habitat of millions of creatures with whom we share our oceans.


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