The Singleton 40 Year Old

The Epicurean Odyssey Series

The Epicurean Odyssey Series was born to embody The Singleton's singular ambition to pursue deeply pleasurable flavour. The Series grand finale, the intense and elegant The Singleton 40-Year-old features a deeply dark sensual richness with velvety dark chocolate as well as juicy plums.

The Singleton 40 Year Old pushes boundaries of taste with an astonished-bold and pioneering 28 years secondary maturation experiment and forged from the expertise of two titans of extraordinary taste, The Singleton and Zacapa Rum. Opening up a new world of 'rich taste discoveries', our 40 Year Old represents the culmination of the journey and the ultimate expression of the belief - A maximalist in time, craft and flavour.

The Singleton 40 Year Old

A maximalist in Time, Craft and Flavour.


New depths of flavours

Crafted to maximise flavour in both the whisky and in life, this expression has undergone 28 years of secondary maturation and a final finish in precious solera casks of Zacapa XO & Royal Rum, resulting in a decadent flavour profile.

Experience the luxurious indulgence of epicurean decadence with this Single Malt whisky that boasts a velvety texture and rich flavors of deep dark chocolate and juicy plums.


Appearance: Deep amber with copper lights.

Nose: The nose is mellow, with a little pickle at first; fruity top notes hint at dried apple and are soon backed by a more savoury aroma evoking sage, while richer hints of fruit, soon suggesting plums enrobed in dark chocolate, sit on a balancing base of sweetly spicy oak, with light aromas of hard toffee and oak shavings. A drop of water introduces a wisp of waxy smoke.

Body: Light to medium.

Palate: At natural strength, the texture is decadently smooth and lightly waxy while the taste starts sweet, vibrant and very fruity, becoming slightly salty and plum-sour-mid-palate. Complex layers of flavour suggest pears slathered indulgently in dark chocolate and caramelised tropical fruits, as with toffee-covered banana and pineapple. Beautifully balanced and super-smooth, with sustained rich, sweet fruitiness balanced by slow-building black pepper. Velvet smooth dark chocolate tannins herald an appetising drying note. A drop of water emphasises the fruit and softens the spice, bringing out a mouth-cooling aftertaste.

Finish: Quite long, deep flavoured and lightly drying, with black pepper spice and another hint of waxy smoke.

"The Singleton 40YO is not just indulgent on one dimension - but every dimension"

Malt Master, Maureen Robinson