Lagavulin 8 Year Old Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky 70cl in a High Quality Gift Set With Glasses & Greeting Card

Lagavulin is like a campfire from the coast of Islay: one of the smokiest and most intense whiskies in the world. Its deep sweetness and dried fruit notes give this eight-year-old single malt an even richer character. Lagavulin is revered by whisky connoisseurs and experts and referred to as the "King of Islay". The Lagavulin Distillery is located on the beautiful island of Islay. Its romantic location overlooks the ruins of Dunyvaig Castle. The eight-year-old single malt whisky commemorates the 200th anniversary of the founding of the Lagavulin Distillery, which was established by John Johnston in 1816. It impresses with its big, smoky flavour. The whisky is a tribute to the people and the art of distilling that have made Lagavulin great over the past two centuries. Its fragrant, aromatic smokiness coupled with dryness and marine notes are best enjoyed with a splash of water. This edition celebrating this milestone could not be more fitting. It is based on Alfred Barnard's visit to the distillery in the 1880s, where he came across an eight-year-old whisky that was "exceptionally good". The eight-year-old Lagavulin is characterised by a light body that subsequently becomes pleasantly oily. The nuances boast a wonderful, full Lagavulin flavour that exceeds all expectations. The finish is long, clean and subtle. It features smokiness and warm chocolate notes. Sit back and relax and enjoy this whisky in a nosing glass - perhaps with a drop of water. It is the perfect gift for whisky connoisseurs: a powerhouse for lovers of bold, intense flavours.

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Bright gold.


A wonderfully imposing Lagavulin first bottled to celebrate its 200th anniversary. Sweet, smoky and warming.


Smooth, with clean, fresh notes, combined with light hints of milk chocolate and lemon. Followed by pleasant, tea-scented smoke and dry, maritime aromas.


Distinctive Lagavulin flavour. Sweet, smoky and warming, with an increasingly smoky spiciness, then dryness and more smoke.


A clean, long and smoky finish - subtle, marked by smoke, chocolate tannins and a final warming that leaves the palate dry while sweet smoke lingers on the breath.

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