The Singleton

The Singleton of Glen Ord 38 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky, 70cl

The Singleton hold a vision to make fine Scotch whiskies accessible and enjoyable to all, sharing our love for great taste with the world. The Epicurean Odyssey Series was born to embody this singular ambition in the pursuit of amazing taste. For the first in the series of this singular pursuit of indulgent flavour, The Singleton 38-year-old delivers a supremely decadent flavour profile based around baked apple caramel drizzle. The special liquid has been shaped uniquely by the innovative long secondary maturation and varied casks to create this evocative flavour experience in true harmonious style of The Singleton. The result is a phenomenal flavour experience that is both elegant and indulgently enjoyable.

The Singleton 38-year-old is a rare and irresistibly rich single malt Scotch whisky drawn from just eight casks from The Singleton of Glen Ord distillery. At 38 years old, this whisky is approaching four decades in the making and only 1,689 bottles have been released of this extra-long double matured whisky.

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Rich, deep amber with copper lights. Outstanding beading and good viscosity.




Mellow and generous overall. The immediate top notes are rich, fruity, and sweet, with aromas of red apple, mango, pineapple, and candied citrus fruits. These fruity tones are soon succeeded by almond oil and vanilla pod, and later vanilla fudge, on a base of sandalwood. A drop of water opens the nose a little while keeping the same profile.


At natural strength, a thick, creamy texture and a vibrant, sweet start in which rich opening notes of fudge lead smoothly into a lightly spicy, intense, and fruity taste suggesting cinnamon-spiced baked apple, drying gently into an autumnal peppery warmth that envelopes the palate. Appreciably deeper in taste than its younger siblings, it shows the classic Singleton smoothness, being richly flavoured, well balanced, and easy to drink straight. The palate opens to reveal hints of orange citrus while with a dash of water more sweet flavours of vanilla ice cream and caramel fudge are perfectly balanced by just a trace of salt, still with a light touch of that Szechuan pepper warmth.


Really long; a sweet warmth suffuses the whole palate and leaves the palate tingling as a trace of gingery spice lingers. With water lighter and longer, still leaving the memory of that rich warmth.