It’s hard to imagine summarising whiskies from three distinct distilleries. Where would you begin: the nutty cereal notes of Dufftown’s palate, the fresh orchard fruits of Glendullan, or Glen Ord’s dark berries? All perfectly balanced, rich and smooth to the finish. Crafted to be instant favourites, not one of these expressions could be called an acquired taste. In fact, The Singletons have a quality the experts call ‘welcoming’: comprising of the best, most appealing and enjoyable flavors from the spectrum of Single Malt Scotch Whisky.



The Singleton of Glen Ord distillery is steeped in history. Founded on the Black Isle in the Scottish Highlands, it sits on a stretch of land that had been in the possession of Clan Mackenzie for nearly 700 years, when Thomas Mackenzie built the distillery in 1838. It is from this famous Scottish clan that the distillery adopts its motto, Luceo non uro, meaning “I shine not burn” we continue to be inspired by this today, with the emphasis on slow batched distillation.

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The Singleton Affogato with Monica Galetti


30ml Singleton 12 Years Old​, 10ml Hazelnut Syrup​, 30ml Warm Coffee​, 1 x Scoop vanilla ice cream​


Add The Singleton 12 Years Old, Hazelnut Syrup and Warm Coffee into a cocktail shaker. Shake with ice and strain into a glass over vanilla ice cream. Garnish with grated chocolate over the top and enjoy!

The Distillery

Three celebrated distilleries, Dufftown, Glendullan and Glen Ord, that rose in the late 19th century, united today by a single vision to create great tasting Single Malts that are exceptionally balanced, easy to drink and deliciously enjoyable from the very first sip.

Learn more about The Singleton brand roots at Dufftown, Glendullan and Glen Ord.

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“There's a local saying in Dufftown: "Rome was built on seven hills and Dufftown stands on seven stills". In 1897, Glendullan was the seventh distillery built in the famous Scottish town of Dufftown in Speyside, and is named after the Dullan Water which runs through the Dufftown township.”


Situated in the rolling Convall Hills on the edge of a river where salmon spawn in winter, Glendullan is a picture-perfect image of the majestic Scottish countryside and the producer of an award-winning Single Malt. With access to crystal clear fresh water, barley grown on rich local soul and even a private railway that transported the casks south, the distillery prospered and by 1902, its whisky had found favour at the court of King Edward VII. Using large onion-shaped stills in the distillation process, Glendullan crafts a light, delicate, green apple spirit profile. The spirit is predominantly matured in American oak ex Bourbon casks, which naturally impart layers of sweet, nutty flavours, and blended with a small portion of liquid rested in the European oak ex Sherry casks to lend a rich fruity dimension for a perfectly balanced Single Malt. Master Blender Keith Law oversees the blending of the casks, tapping on 36 years of experience to bring to the life the delicate and distinct expressions of the portfolio.