Sustainability at Caol Ila

Since its founding, the people of Caol Ila Distillery have respected our natural resources, incorporating sustainable practices throughout the whisky-making process.

Some of Caol Ila’s current measures include:

  • The draff produced at the distillery is collected and sent for animal feed.
  • We’ve eliminated single-use plastics and invite you to join our efforts by filling your water bottles at our fill station located on the 3rd floor.
  • Reducing energy usage by employing heat exchangers for wort, wash and clean-in-place systems; holding spent lees in the spirit stills to maintain heat until ready to charge again; and making sure conveyor system equipment is run only for the time required.
  • Implementing LED lighting throughout the distillery and brand home.
  • Saving water through practises such as better monitoring in place and tailoring our production to use as little water as possible while maintaining efficiency.
  • Achieving and maintaining zero waste landfill.

We have electrical charging points installed in our distillery car park, a hybrid distillery car and staff member's car share where possible.

We are working closely with the RSPB to educate ourselves on the habitats that we have on-site and conserve the environment for the wonderful wildlife around us.