Each bottle made represents a donation from Talisker to Parley, to help protect the oceans.


Its packaging is the most innovative to date from Talisker, presented in the distillery’s first 100% recycled glass bottle^ made from biofuel and beautifully designed with a ceramic decoration to reduce labelling. Co-designed with Parley, the Wilder Seas bottle features topographic lines inspired by the undulating underwater landscape of Skye's coastline. The decoration creates a texture reminiscent of waves crashing on the coast, and of the foliage of sea forests themselves. (^excludes cap, ceramic decoration and label)

This is the first time Talisker will release a carton-free whisky with a 100% recycled paper neck tag rather than being boxed. Research shows Talisker has reduced its glass bottle emissions for this product by 82% and its total packaging carbon emissions by 77% through these initiatives. By significantly reducing carbon emissions, Talisker Whisky is helping protect ocean health. Rising levels of CO2 in the atmosphere are driving up water temperatures and ocean acidification, both of which are detrimental to marine ecosystems.



Talisker and Parley are supporting ground-breaking scientific research in the remote Orkney Islands in Scotland by partners Plymouth Marine Laboratory, Heriot-Watt University and Blue Marine Foundation that demonstrates the vital role of sea forests in preventing climate change. The findings will help better understand where the carbon sequestered by these kelp forests goes and prove their contribution to the biodiversity of local marine ecosystems.


Talisker and Parley are supporting the protection of the Great African Sea Forest, home to thousands of species, many of which are found nowhere else on earth. South Africa has 150 marine ecosystems that support more than 13,000 marine species, across stunning underwater sea forests.


The rich kelp forest ecosystems in Chile serve as nesting sites for endangered birds and safe havens for endangered species of whales and dolphins. Parley, with the help of Talisker, are collaborating with local organisation Fundación Rompientes, to keep the oceans wild so that future generations can continue to enjoy them.