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"That's my boy" Big, rich and peaty, with deep fruity notes, and chilli spice"

Dominic Roskrow 2011, Whisky Magazine, Issue 95, p.102

The perfect

Talisker 57° North works best served in Talisker Rocks Glass, neat or with a little water.

WHISKY & ...

When it comes to Talisker you can’t go past smoked salmon, the two are made for each other.

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The Big Smoke, a whisky martini made with vodka, Talisker and a lemon twist, is a superbly flavoursome aperitif.

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Talisker 57° North On The Flavour Map
Taste the character and craft in every drop.

Smoky Rich Delicate Light


Skye’s Island character, unleashed.


Full gold.


Clean and intense, with the light smoke of a struck match. Creamy toffee balanced by fruit. Hints of seaweed, heather blossom and vanilla.


Explosive, intense and smoky.


Sweet, with smoke and tar exploding around the middle - evoking the raw volcanic power which formed Skye’s famous Black Cuillin mountains.


Oily, tingling with the signature pepperiness. Smoother with water.


Distillery: TaliskerTM

Make: Talisker 57° North

Strength: 57.0% ABV

Place of Origin: Isle of Skye

Region: Island.


in brief… All of Talisker’s full-on vigour, with the promise of wisdom to come.

in a sentence… A classic, intense Talisker that’s like looking out to sea with a storm brewing, and which becomes deeper and more approachable when water is added.


Very clean and intense, with light smoke soon appearing. Creamy toffee, with pronounced fruit acidity. Hints of edible seaweed, heather blossom and a calming influence of vanilla that balances the crisp attack. Chalky and minty. In time, chocolate, then salt. The chocolate becomes slightly nuttier: like praline. Water tempers the attack and brings out a slightly oily note. Initially there's a firework/struck match edge, then more seaweed, as if you’re at the high water mark on a sandy beach. Sweet yet salty, with a savoury sharpness.


Tart fruit, sweet to start, with smoke and tar abruptly exploding around the middle of the mouth. Sweet-centred, a little like liqueur chocolate, yet tempered by a savoury edge that stops things becoming too polite. Water deepens the effect and smoothes out the abrupt shift between sweet and smoke. Mouth filling, silky and complex.

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Expert Reviews
Insights from some of the best in the business

"Rich and big on the nose, very welcoming, reminds me of a winter fire near the sea. Full of life, bursting with flavours: fruity, salty. Bonfires!"

Sukhinder Singh 2011, Whisky Magazine, Issue 95, p.102

"The polar opposite to Talisker 18. Rugged and warming."

Dave Broom 2008, Whisky Magazine, Issue 69

"The palate does not show as much complexity as the nose and finish. But a rich interesting character."

Martine Nouet 2008, Whisky Magazine, Issue 69

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