Dailuaine 16 Year Old Flora & Fauna Single Malt Whisky, 70cl

A complicated single malt whisky, full and sweet, yet also citric-fresh, that can impress mightily. An unusual combination of freshness and richness, this 16-year-old single malt whisky has a sherried ...+ MORE

Rich amber; light mahogany.


Full, rich bodied.


A deep nose. The immediate impression is of Cheddar cheese rind, backed by old Madeira. The after-dinner mode continues with walnuts and light butterscotch, but after a while, the whisky settles and becomes more orangey - old oranges, with hard peel and over-ripe inside. With water, the cheese rind becomes cheesecloth then damp muslin; the old orange becomes fresher, with some lemony notes - like a mixture of orange and lemon juice, then settles as candied peel. The nose is an interesting combination of freshness and maturity. Some sandalwood after a while, and light toffee, which increases over time.


Straight, the whisky is full, sweet and warming. Reduced, the profile is similar. It retains its citric freshness, but with deeper currents, and a trace of Highland toffee.


Warming, with a light nutty aftertaste.