Oban 2021 & 2022 Distillers Edition Single Malt Scotch Whisky, 2x70cl

1 x Oban 2022 Distillers Edition - The tiny distillery of Oban was founded by brothers Hugh and John Stevenson way back in 1794, and the town grew up around it. Oban was advertised to be “the finest sma’ (small) still whisky in the Highlands” by new owner J. Walter Higgin in 1883. Due to the non-expandable distillery size they use small stills, which don’t run continuously. Judicious rest is needed to maintain the spirit’s light, fruity and spicy character. Oban almost fell victim to its size but fortunately a reprieve was granted and in 1972 a new still-house was built. Oban’s current 14-year-old is highly regarded. To underline its sea-laced flavours, the Master Distiller of Oban has chosen Montilla Fino. This dry, delicate cask beautifully enhances the distinctively graceful style of Oban. Creamy-smooth marriage of grape, sea air and spiciness.

1 x Oban 2021 Distillers Edition - 2007 Oban double-matured in ex-bodega Montilla Fino cask wood for a rich fruitiness and maritime flavours that bond with the fresh, sweet aromas and tastes of the regular release in an explosive, rich and deep expression of Oban. Part of our 2021 Distillers Edition range. Limited quantities worldwide.

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